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Sara Faith Alterman:
Third Assistant Director

Douglas Applewhite:
Film Editor, Story,
Computer Effects/Titles/Graphics

Melanie Arzt:
Actor: "Body Miller Victim"

Michelle Barbera:
Director, Producer, Story, Graphics

Josie Basford:
Asst. Director, Director of Photography,
Camera Operator

Jacey Bokuniewicz:
Actor: "Ball Girl"

Adam Brooks:
Musical Score
Paul Carroll:
Actor: "Chad Wells" (Co-Anchor)

Maria Ciampa:
Actor: "George Goforth Victim"

Peter Hays:
Production Assistant, Boom Operator;
Actor: "Body Miller"

Marc Hildenbrand:

Megan Kunz:
Story, Co-writer; Actor: "Megan McKinley"

Jacob Lipcon:
Story, Co-Writer, Second Assistant Director,
Actor: "Hedge Trimmer Zombie Victim"

Richie Moriarty:
Actor: "Bicycle Zombie Victim"
Tim Paul:
Actor: "George Goforth"

Derek Peplau:
Story; Actor: "Steve Carpenter" (Co-Anchor)

John Shaughnessy:
Actor: "Wallace Grant" (Zombie Co-Anchor)

Neraj Tuli:
Actor: "Bhupinder Argawal"
(Bicycle Zombie)

Rachel van der Steur:
Actor: "Tennis Zombie"

Lynn Wilcott:
Special Effects, Props,
Costumes, Makeup